Thin Film Deposition Systems

Thin Film Deposition Systems

Since 2006 Polyteknik AS has developed and supplied a range of thin film deposition systems characterized by very strong process and technology platform which is customized to specific need of the customer and in close collaboration with the customer. Today we are thus supplying standard systems as well as one-of customised deposition systems – still ensuring the best vacuum and process control system, which secures stable, reliable and repeatable thin film properties.

Very generic all round research systems as well as truly unique deposition systems for unusual product geometries can be designed and manufactured.

Our platform systems

Tornado Compact LAB – a very high quality entry level deposition system
A compact thin film deposition system available with evaporation or sputtering sources. A versatile entry level deposition system with fully automated process control and data logging with Cryosoft3 HMI. Available with manual load lock for even faster processing.  Read more…

Flextura PVD Module – Sputtering and evaporation for thin film research
The Flextura PVD Module is standalone thin film deposition systems functioning as batch or load lock system. They are compatible with the Flextura R&D cluster platform if future expansion with additional processes should raise.  Read more…

Flextura R&D Cluster – Flexibility and prepared for the future
The Flextura platform is best described as Flexible Production | Flexible Processes | Flexible Investment. It is unveiling a new way of modular thinking for PVD systems. From a single chamber with evaporation or sputtering processes as a standalone system to an efficient cluster tool with multiple advanced processes. Read more…

Infinity – Large area coating platform
A vertical sputtering platform for single or dual side deposition on substrates or multi-substrate fixtures up to 650x3000mm. For substrates up to 650x650mm it is available with active substrate cooling, a high aspect ratio sputtering process combining HiPIMS and biasing for through hole deposition Read more…

Special Application Systems – build to purpose deposition systems for foils, tubes, powders
Typically starting with coating development on small scale in-house proof-of-concept systems, which ensures good results in upscaling to final products. Challenging coating jobs where solutions has been realised count among other roll-to-roll processing of silicone foil, internal coating of 3m long ceramic tubes, multilayer absorber coating externally on 3m long stainless steel tubes, and coating on powders.   Read more…

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General overview brochure of our PVD systems. Click to download