Low SEY Coating

Low SEY coating

The deposition of a low Secondary Electron Yield (SEY) coating to ceramic chambers is a way of reducing the formation of electron clouds in accelerator applications. Alumina usually has a SEY value of approx. 9 but with the Polyteknik Low SEY coating it drops below 1.4. The coating further limits the possibility of flashovers during high voltage operations, while still not having a charge build-up on the surface. This coating will enabled higher beam intensities of the accelerator.

The coating is deposited using magnetron sputtering, and has been applied to ceramic chamber up to 3 meters in length, and this was done with a very good adhesion and uniformity across the entire length.

  • For use in beam line systems
  • SEY value < 1.4
  • Elimination of electron cloud formation
  • Reducing electrical flashover in alumina tube due to high electric resistivity
  • Applicable inside tubes or on flat components

Credit: CERN

Credit: CERN