Quality and Characterisation Lab

Quality and characterisation lab

A quite significant part of conducting thin film research and development involves the characterisation of material parameters, whether optical, electrical, or something else. Polyteknik AS has extensive experience with material characterisation, using both standard equipment, but also highly developed custom measuring setups for individual specific application.

In Polyteknik AS, we have our own in-house characterisation lab that includes the following equipment

  • X-ray Fluorescence – Thin film thickness measurements and material composition
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer – Characterisation of optical coatings
  • Profilometer – Measurement of thin film thickness, uniformity and stress
  • FT-IR spectrometer – Optical properties of materials
  • Four Point Probe setup – Electrical properties of materials
  • Optical microscope – Visual inspection in micrometer scale
  • Avesta Cell setup – Corrosion test

Additionally we have a number of handheld devices, such as, gauss meter, insulation meter and oscilloscope. The in-house characterisation lab enables us to conduct frequent and rapid sample preparations and sample measurement. As this gives us swift feedback in development project, we are highly flexible and prepared to oblige our customer’s needs.

We also have very close collaboration ties with local universities, and this ensure access to a wide range of state of the art research equipment, such as, Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope, and X-ray Diffraction analysis.