About Us

About Us

Polyteknik AS is a PVD equipment manufacturer with an innovative approach to solutions and service within the thin film industry.
With more than twenty years of experience in the business, a global reference list, and an excellent technological platform, Polyteknik AS has aspired as an appreciated and significant partner in the thin film industry.

Large-scale science collaborations

As the globe’s technological advancements keeps developing, Polyteknik has collaborated with some of the most prominent organisations within the science segment. With an expereienced team of mechanical engineers, and a goal of maintaining exceptional service levels, Polyteknik is enabled to conduct extensive and challenging service work on the most advanced scientific installments.

For further interest and references, please check our Cases & References page.

PVD Systems

The portfolio of platform systems ranges from small scale R&D to high volume, or large area, deposition systems. In addition, Polyteknik AS covers several deposition processes, which includes sputtering, evaporation, and a variation of these. At Polyteknik AS, you will experience a high level of service and skill from our dedicated team. We are highly interested in strong cooperation to reach the best possible solution.

We offer both standard systems and joint customer developed systems for specific purposes.

Our reliable PVD systems features:

  • Modular standard systems
  • Modular process packages
  • Modular investment platforms

Contract Coating

Polyteknik AS has various industrial coating equipment installed for daily subcontract coating (Coating Service). The Coating Service division has more than 10 different variations of in-house PVD systems. This enables us to present proof of the concepts of wafer, 3D objects or even roll-to-roll, which is essential for non-standard coatings. In addition, the daily production within Polyteknik has the focus on delivering electrode and EMI coatings in volume production.


Director and Owner, Jens William Larsen (M.Sc.) founded Polyteknik AS in 1995. During the years, we have expanded from being a locally oriented supplier of thin film deposition services, to an international supplier of PVD systems and science-related deposition services.
Our thin film coating service was the bedrock from which Polyteknik AS was founded, and the PVD equipment manufacturing facilities and operations were later adopted in 2005 . The main activities from then on has been related to the equipment manufacturing and the efforts to further develop the knowhow and technology platforms.